Our Gift Shop

for your St. Jude devotion

ATTENTION: Due to Covid19 restrictions, our in-person store is currently open daily 12 Noon to 4:30 P.M.

Please click on the “Gift Shop” link above for online purchases, and for lighting candles at the Shrine.

While we have an online store (click on the “Gift Shop” link above to visit), most of our devotees come in person to our little store, directly to the side of the Shrine.  Each week we sell hundreds, even over a thousand candles alone, plus various other devotional items, like statues,  rosaries, medals, booklets, and so forth.  Many first-time visitors are surprised to see just how much we have dedicated to our patron saint, and we often get new items coming in.

If you’re visiting us, please do stop by — our Director and volunteers would love to see you!